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We are a rapidly growing IT-company that uses the power of
technologies to expand your business and skyrocket your income.

Our mission is to select ideal out-staff candidates who will assist you
to realize complex and high load projects.

We value positive company environment thus we conduct thorough
staff selection based on their soft skills and ensure favorable
conditions for long-term collaboration.

Our uniquely passionate and expert team creates amazing web
applications for Western and European markets.

Our partnership builds on reliable relationships between
customers and specialists because we put a high value on each person

Our team

Alexey Hmelnitsky


When I was in the 4th grade I wanted to play Quake but stumbled across Pascal. This is how I went on this IT spiral - Master’s Degree in Technology and more than 10 years in E-commerce development. Once I won the bet that I could find a new job without the use of the LinkedIn network. Since I always achieve my goals, I just started my own company Azumics. Here in Azumics I want it to be the place where staff and partners collaborate in a comfortable healthy environment. I care about people and want them to thrive and prosper.

Maxim Kavun

DevOps Engineer

I have 2 years of working experience as a System Administrator and L2 Support Engineer and more than 2 years as a DevOps. I spend my time productively on things that help me grow and develop as both a person and a professional. I would even put down a book if it turns out not to be gripping from the first page. I’ve got 5 vocational courses up my sleeve: AWS Cloud Practitioner, Solution Architect Associate, LPI Essentials, LPIC-1, Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Vladimir Matsiulko

Manual/Auto QA Engineer

From ‘’zero to hero’’. I got my feet in the door of automation testing. Before that I meticulously worked on creating and downloading things like budget planners, films web-sites and autotests on different frameworks to Git. Eventually, these attempts turned out to be fruitful - I was offered a job. Here I am, working as a tester. I dream of achieving Hokage level in automation testing - to be able to create superb first-class marvellous architecture in the blink of an eye. I enjoy snow skiing, football, phone games, being in nature and hanging out with friends. I experience life and can’t say no to eating a nice cake for free.

Kristina Yurovskaya

Head of HR Department

Really cool and exceptional, ahah I get my kicks from different things - music and art, sport and space science. I even happened to build computers. Mmm, what else... Make cakes for Vova for free. 1.5 years in the HR field have taught me to listen to gut more and not be afraid to go against the mainstream thinking. Probably it helps us to succeed in finding smart, talented soulmates for Azumics. My goal here is to build a team of cool specialists, who have such qualities as strength of mind , fresh thinking, sincerity, individuality and humanity and to make our company outstanding. So far, it seems to work.

Margarita Korzun

Auto QA Engineer

Mommy of automation tasting, lol. Caring and attentive, an achiever, in love with sport and dream of opening an animal shelter. I'm big on learning and self-development and helping others grow. I take joy in solving challenging tasks. I've got 4,5 years in testing, 4 of which in automation. I have a good command of Cypress and JavaScript, NodeJS, MySQL, HTML, CSS. In love with TypeScript.

Vadim Belorusov

Full-stack Developer

Got code in my veins and skin of JS. I can perform anything from A to Z in web-development: bots, game servers, platforms, back-end, front-end.I'm a computer geek and can build a computer of any configuration.I know all apps development processes starting from its marketing to selling.

Dmitry Radyuk

PHP Developer

I've been in IT since 2013 and got hands-on experience in a number of modern technologies and even those that are not used anymore. I keep my finger on pulse and do my best to improve my own life and lives of those around me. Explore the world in my free time

Dmitry Vavilov

Business Development Manager

I'm a QA certified specialist and also have a Bachelor's Degree in translation. When I was a student, I worked as an ice-cream man on a cow shaped truck in the USA. Barely made it out from coyotes somewhere in Upton Park in London. Desperately tried to study Hebrew at university. As you can imagine, I am crazy about travelling and meeting new (coyotes) people from all over the world. Get my kicks from avia spotting and sales. Having more than 8 years of hands-on experience in sales allowed me to successfully start my own business. At work I am client-oriented and I find it rewarding to provide customers with an exceptional experience of high quality service.

Evgeny Kramarenko

Manual/Auto QA Engineer

I had a great head of hair but traded it for automation skills and now I am good at JS, Cypress, Puppeteer and Git. Even though I've got just 3 years of testing experience, I've accumulated knowledge of different frameworks and technologies for 5 years in advance in CrossBrowser and CrossPlatform web and mobile apps testing (postman, Swagger). In my free time I enjoy playing the guitar, while at work I get my jollies from playing on developers' nerves. Used to fix military aircrafts and now debug civil apps.

Ivan Piskun

Front-end Developer

I am extremely enthusiastic about Web development. I have skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. Though I am a Junior, I am pretty responsible and not afraid of new challenges. Thanks to my strong analytical skills, I can manage different complex tasks. I can assure you that my skills, knowledge and great motivation can guarantee a competent and constantly developing employee.

Alexander Vorochkov

PHP Developer

I've been working as a PHP-developer for 3.5 years and gained skills in Laravel and Yii, front-end development on JavaScript, JQuery, Vue.js. I like diving into tasks to see the bigger picture and writing clean codes. Different sports is what I really love doing. Whatever I did, I always performed well - from football and gym training to yoga, which I took up recently. I am also a computer games nerd. My favorite ones are Skyrim and DarkSouls.

Sergey Barisevich

DevOps Engineer

I have been working in IT sphere more than 9 years, 3 of them as a DevOps engineer. Worked with hardware equipment, security and monitoring services. Have an experience of being a head of IT department. I aspire to be up to date, to study new technologies and actually pay attention to self-development. I’m looking into the future and keep up with all the world.

Maxim Pimenov

Backend Developer

My teenage interest of how things work, first led me to the construction industry. Having mastered how to lay the foundation, I realised it's time to return my childhood hobby and continue mastering the basics of backend development. I have been doing it for 2 years and still continue to exceed the limits expanding my skills with new technologies and programming languages. As for free time, I am also open for everything new, especially regarding active holidays. "The sky is not the limit for a talented individual" is about me, lol.

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